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[Divine Retribution]

Still around...

MESIAS - a friendly neighbor
La Mesianica, some said that one of its many entrances is lost in Costa Rica

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Soundwave got the groove!

Soundwave got the groove!!!

Allow me to introduce myself.

Call me Mesías, mostly because I have the two most spanish generic names EVER(Juan & José). I'm a 27 years old student/clerckt. Also a lazy ass full of ideas, dreams, ilussions and other stuff. I can describe myself as an amalgam between passive-agressive/energetic-sometimes/bizarro/peacefull with an attention-deficit. Though I tend to be kinda paranoic and cynic sometimes, I'm more cheerfull, perseverant, optimistic and clueless most of the time.

What you could find here?

You can find here some of my life and times, anime, videogames, music etc, also I will try to put something related to my studies. I'm also colaborates with another blog(in spanish) from a friend of mine called Templo Kaori. Mostly because I'm the "comic expert" according to them(although, I just know some stuff). Anyways, enjoy your stay around here.

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In Soviet Russia, colorbar loves you!


MESIAS da card

By revenance Thx!

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